Sashley is a 7 year old girl whose sister is Alice, she has 2 cousins named Maddy and Story/Limsey. Her mother/father is 2D and her dad is 7. her step father is Murdoc. She was born as a cat on October 1st 2011. Crystal is her adopted sister that is 11 years older than her which meant Crystal was born in 1993 18 years before Sashley was born. For some reason her parent and step parent cannot age they are stuck in the pyhsical form they are in. Sashley got her powers when she was the same age and cannot age like her parents, cousins, and her sisters. Mostly known as Sash or Sashy by her cousins. Her dad/mom 2D taught her about magic. Mostly her step father Murdoc would be nice to her. Her cousins love her very much. Her friend is Strawberrix, and her aunt is Lela also including her uncle Brandon. 
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